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all kinds of treats. for all kinds of dogs.

Treats for dogs and puppies

With the love‘em range, you can treat your pooch without any guilt. Our treats include high quality liver and a range of nutritious ingredients which both dogs and cats love.

They’re low in salt and free from any artificial ingredients. There’s also a wide range to choose from, air-dried liver treats for training or rewarding your dog; delicious cookies for a special treat while snuggling on the couch; liver sprinkles to add flavour and goodness to your pet’s meal; and tasty all-wormers to help you look after your dog’s health.

We love having friends come to visit and we love spoiling them with love’em pet treats.
Pets Charming
This is our 9 week old girl Macy. She absolutely loves her love'em cookies for her treat. Be handy when she starts puppy school.
Amanda Price
The little lads at @BonnieJackRussells love your Liver Puppy Rewards treats with calcium.
John Prince