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good for pets and people

At love‘em, we believe that treating your pet should be about creating moments of connection with your best friend

We have created a range of natural, liver based treats that help you reward, train or enhance the bond with your pet - without feeling guilty. 

All of our products have been developed and recommended by veterinarian - Dr. Marie Rowe BVSc. Our treats are made with quality chicken, beef and pork liver, are low in salt and have no artificial ingredients.

As a company, we are committed to sustainability, and to producing our treats in a way that’s best for pets, people and the planet. 

the history of love'em

In 1997, as a practising vet, I was often asked by pet owners for a natural healthy option that pet owners could use as a treat or training aid. Finding nothing suitable, I developed a healthy, natural, great tasting treat that dogs and cats would love from our home kitchen. We bought livers from the local butcher, prepared and sliced them by hand, oven dried at home and sold them through trusted vets and pet retailers. With the support of family and our team we proudly grew in to the love‘em brand you see today. 

Developed and recommended by Veterinarian Dr. Marie Rowe BVSc.