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Frequently asked questions

Q: Where can I buy love’em treats?

love'em treats are available with a number of other online retailers and in supermarkets and pet stores. All of our stockists are listed on our stockists page.

Q: Are love’em treats really all natural?
Every single ingredient used in our treats is 100% natural. Even the cleaning products used on our factory equipment are natural and food-safe.
Q: Do you use fillers or additives in your liver treats?
Not at all. We’re very proud to say that our liver treats contain one ingredient only – liver. Our process for drying the liver for our treats is unique and means that we don’t use fillers or additives at all.
Q: How many calories are in your liver treats?
In 100g of beef liver treats there’s an average of 1497kj. This equates to approx. 358 calories.
Q: What’s the best before date?

As love'em liver treats are a 100% dried product they have a very long shelf life and no expiry date is required to be printed. We recommend however, using them within 2 years of the manufacture date for optimal freshness. You can tell the manufacture date by reading the batch code on the back of the packet. The first two numbers represent the year and the last three numbers are the day of the year it was made. The letters are for our internal use only. For example, 17 A 013 W would mean 13th January 2017. 18 D 183 M would be 2nd July, 2018.

For all our other products, such as cookies and puppy rewards the best before date is printed on the back and marked with BB.

Q: Do your treats have sugar in them?
No, none of our treats include sugar.
Q: What if my dog has pancreatitis or kidney disease?

Most dogs with health issues can still enjoy love'em treats. Pancreatic and renal dogs (and cats) may enjoy love'em chicken breast treats as they are low in natural fat and salt, with absolutely no additives.

Q: How much liver is it safe to give my dog?
A great guideline is around 1g per kg (eg. 10g per day for your 10kg dog). Treats should be fed as a sometimes food, and not a meal supplement. Make sure that treats only make up a maximum of 10% of your dog's diet, and always choose high-quality treats with health benefits so that you're not feeding empty calories.
Q: Are your treats safe for young puppies?
Yes! Love'em puppy rewards, chicken breast and cookies are the best training treats for pups from eight weeks old. Crunchy liver treats and hard liver chews are best given from 12 weeks when the pup gets stronger and better at chewing.
Q: Are your treats safe for cats?
Yes! Our liver treats are 100% liver with nothing else added, they are perfectly safe for cats too. We also make purrfect cat treats and chicken breast for cats, so your furry friend could have something special all to herself.